Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Rules of thumb

Over there in the sidebar, under the picture of my swollen, dripping orbs, you'll find a list of Rules of Thumb, which is a feed from a great new site, which I'll be displaying for a time among all that bling. They aim to have every rule of thumb on earth in one place, and there are hundreds of categories. Some of them are hilarious, which probably means they're true. Dodgy example:

Every dollar spent on a scientology product or service will bring six to eight minutes of happiness.

Lots more at the site. Be a bit patient, though. They just got Boing Boinged, so it's running a little slow. It'll be even worse when the Grapes 2.0 hordes descend, I dare say.

UPDATE: Seems Rules of Thumb was a book, and indeed still is. Here's the link.