Sunday, 13 January 2008


Someone on Blog 365 posted to a discussion I was erm in, and I clicked on the links to see what the person's blog looked like, and then I read a post and was about to be right neighbourly like, and leave a comment, but then BAM! I ran into the wall of registration. This person makes you register before you can even comment. Not just a captcha, mind you. That's already bad enough, and annoys the shit out of me so much it's discouraged me from commenting on many occasions (yeah, I'm talking to you).

But registering? To leave one little comment? How off-putting is that?

I'll tell you. It put me off completely. I made like a tree and fucked off out of there, never to return.

People, if you want other peeps to comment on your posts, don't put up walls. Even readers who are not thinking of commenting at this time still want to feel welcome, and they see the walls too.

By the way, I have some nice new grapes over there on my Blog 365 page. Drop in and look at them -- or it, if you will, as it's actually conjoined grapes. We used to call them Siamese grapes, but the country changed its name to Thailand, and Thai grapes would sound like too much of a bad pun.