Thursday, 3 January 2008

2008 begins for real

Today the holiday came to an effective end, despite the continuation of the comedy "terrorist alert" which the Belgian government saw fit to impose last week, presumably envious of the fact that London and Paris get theirs, so why not the Capital of Europe?

Today was the first day of the January sales, and this evening saw the first choir rehearsal for the new season. Which in turn brought me, since I don't have time to eat before going out, for my first assiette pita of the year. That's a dish of gyros lamb with a mountain of mixed salad and frites, as well as a piquant garlic sauce and rich meat jus. It's all served at the local snack-bar, which is what we call a place that sells Freedom Fries and sundries. There's nothing quite like it in the UK or US, especially since I have my assiette with a glass of dry white wine.

It's my guilty secret.

Tomorrow I shall go back to work, in a somewhat leisurely fashion, and this weekend for real. Then on Monday the children go back to school, Mme Grapes goes back to work and finally I'll have my daily life back.

Not that I want to see the back of them or anything, ahem, but this holiday period has been inordinately long. All because Christmas and New Year fell on a Tuesday, which meant everything stopped the Friday before, and can't resume until the Monday after.

Which is almost upon us. A happy 2008 to all my readers, especially those I haven't yet addressed in some other forum. To the Blog365 lot, courage and strength. To everyone else, luck.