Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Shorts Shameful Confession

Tonight I took Boy Ten to swim training, and as I waited in the cafeteria type place, I was reading David Copperfield, and my eye was attracted to a woman about three tables down the aisle, sitting with three other people. She'd just come from tennis, and she was giving me a rather eye-catching upskirt, clearly visible from where I sat, and unlike the last time this happened in real life, I didn't have to drop my pencil to get a look.

So I was looking, as you do, trying not to be too obvious about it.

I must have lost my touch, because she saw me. Plain as day, she looked at me, then shifted position. I got up and walked away nonchalantly, but nothing changed. It was all gone. I was busted.

That's all. This story doesn't have a sexy ending (it didn't have a sexy middle or beginning either, it occurs to me). But there it is.

I got flashed. I can now say that truthfully, at least.

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