Friday, 1 February 2008

Timetable of Doom

Here's how the future turned out:

In October 2040, the human population of Earth was ravaged by a genetically-modified or super-virulent disease.
In September 2048, irresponsible human behaviour finally caused a catastrophic change in the global climate.
In December 2062, Mutual Assured Destruction fulfilled its promise, and nuclear war took place.
In May 2075, society broke down due to pollution and the wastage of natural resources.
Finally, in August 2110, Earth was taken over by creatures from another world, attracted here by the broadcast of the powerful message "Jai guru deva om" which nobody on Earth had understood.

Man's salvation came not a moment too soon.

The above version of events is based on the computations of the multiple Doomsday clocks at Impending Doom. We have no reason to believe they are not entirely accurate.