Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Bedouin ode to George Galloway

A friend phoned from London and gave the glad news -
Thank you, brave hero, and son of the brave! -
That man of Respect about whom you enthuse:
Victory is his, people's hearts he's enslaved!
George the intrepid, that symbol of pluck,
A falcon who circled above flocks of game;
With a flap of his wings he rose up and up,
Inscribed in the annals of honour his name!
Unshakeable attitudes, freely proclaimed,
He boldly set out and explained in his proof;
When we heard you had won, there was joy uncontained,
You're the torch that distinguishes flasehood from truth!
In spite of your critics, you shone in the dark,
And ploughed on regardless, o George of good heart;
Your cause was a noble one, path clearly marked,
While their paths were murky, with stumbles, false starts.
Jackals who lurk in a cave, in a gorge,
Is the true appellation of George Bush and Blair;
If Britain still has such a one as you, George,
Of glory and pride it can still claim a share!
The market their consciences soon overcame,
Selling their honour for oil and hard cash;
With skill and aplomb, George, you put them to shame,
That hornetsy nest, Congress, faced down with panache!
Like cunning sly foxes, they hid in their hole,

And slipped out, their smears and distortions to spread;
But you stood before them steadfast, in control,
An eagle before which, like sparrows, they fled.
Their crimes were highlighted, their low dirty deeds,
Which even wild animals aren't prone to do;
Just look at Iraq: she's destroyed, how she bleeds!
Her innocents slaughtered, her destitute too.
Bad men lit the fire of this war just like that;
It won't be put out, though, by these useless duds;
While Blair lives in style in his luxury flat,
The bills are all paid in his people's red blood.


The poem will be in a unique collection of Bedouin street verses assembled by Clive Holes, professor for the study of the contemporary Arab world at Oxford, and Said Salman Abu Athera, who is himself a poet. The work of Hajaya, and other Bedouin poetry dating back to the Suez Crisis in 1956, will be published in a weighty tome next autumn. A selection including Ode to George, and Hajaya's Hey Condoleezza Rice - put in the mouth of "His Splendidness Mr George W Bush!" - will also be released on CD.

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