Thursday, 20 December 2007

Another list

Another list, this time an extract from the full index of photographs by Charles W Cushman, over 14,500 of which he donated to his university. Indices like this read like glimpses into some secret world. They always leave me longing for more.

Here's one of my favourites from among the pictures.

Advertising model, San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts lagoon

Gallows frames (Mining) [maps to headframes (mining)] (3)

Gambrel roofs (1)

Games (2)

Gangsters [maps to criminals] (3)

Gaols [maps to jails] (7)

Gaps [maps to passes (landforms)] (97)

Garage sales [maps to secondhand sales] (2)

Garages (14)

Garages, Commercial [maps to automobile service stations] (12)

Garbage [maps to refuse] (23)

Garden farming [maps to truck farming] (4)

Garden houses [maps to garden structures] (1)

Garden lattices [maps to trellises] (12)

Garden ornaments [maps to yard ornaments] (10)

Garden structures (1)

Garden walks [maps to trails & paths] (139)

Garden walls (19)

Gardening (1)

Gardens (1212)

Gardens, Zoological [maps to zoos] (124)

Gargoyles (4)

Garments [maps to clothing & dress] (748)

Gas [maps to gasoline] (3)

Gas masks (2)

Gas stations [maps to automobile service stations] (12)

Gasoline (3)

Gasoline pumps (1)

Gatehouses (2)

Gatekeepers' houses [maps to gatehouses] (2)

Gates (183)

Gateways [maps to gates] (183)

Gazebos (6)

Gazing into a crystal ball [maps to fortune telling] (2)

Geese (20)

Gems (5)

Gendarmes [maps to police] (19)

General stores (1)

Generals (2)

Gestures (1)

Geysers (6)

Ghettos [maps to ethnic neighborhoods] (22)

Ghost towns (3)

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