Sunday, 23 December 2007

Amazon? You may well ask

Here's a screenshot of the home-page of Ann Coulter's website, taken today:

(click to largify)

But wait, what's that strange ad from over in the sidebar? Let's switch tabs and have a look:

(click to largify)

It's the Nearly Me Gaff, priced at only $29.00. Fine, Grapesy, I hear you say, but what's a Nearly Me Gaff and what does it do? Here's a clearer picture:

(don't for the love of God click to largify)

Here's what has to say about it:

Product Description
For the guy that's just too big! Introducing the Nearly Me Gaff - the perfect solution for men who wish to be "tucked" in and out of sight! Nearly Me gaff provides firm control up front where you need it. Nearly Me gaff with low thong style back for a sleek invisible look.
What can it all mean? What is Amazon trying to insinuate? Here's a FAQ on the whole question of gaffs, which incidentally you probably don't want to take with you when you go fishing with your buddies.