Thursday, 3 July 2008


Lake SorrowImage by night86mare via FlickrI'd like to have someone famous as my Facebook friend. Someone that made people think, shit is that really his friend? Sort of Hey guys you'll never guess what-type famous.

So far the honour eludes me, and if I'm honest I'd have to admit I'm not exactly raising the tone of anyone else's inbox, if you know what I mean.

Could one or two of you go out and get famous for something? Is that too much to ask? I know Jeff's trying, and he's probably the best hope for all of us. There's Jackson, but he's going to be a TV writer, and how many of those can you name? Some of you other peeps could write a book or something, no?

I really think you could do something simple like that for a pal. What else are friends for?

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