Sunday, 4 May 2008

On yer soapboxx [sic]

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via WikipediaYou wouldn't think it was possible for someone to come up with an awesome new Web 2.0 site at this late stage, when we're all abandoning Facebook and ditching Twitter and so on, but I've found it.

Soapboxxer has aspects of Twitter, and also aspects of Usenet. You collect points like it was a game, but you can't do anything with them, like Technorati rank.

How it works is this:

Some soapboxxer dude posts an opinion. You get to agree or disagree. You may also post a comment in support of your position, and read comments by others. All this without signing up.

If you choose to sign up, for those all-important points (you can win a T-shirt if you have enough) it's the simplest of procedures. You can follow other posters, and they can follow you.

Some of the opinions are a bit lame, such as Apple>Microsoft, but others get good reactions, or allow you to show off. There's no threading, but some people appear to come back later and make new comments. Don't know if I could be bothered with that. Anyway I'm up to 396 points just from goofing around. Definitely something to drop in on once in a while, for some light relief. I'm all about light relief, me.