Monday, 30 April 2007

To all you crazy m*therf**kers

If you think this f*cking post looks bl**dy stupid written with all these c*nt asterisks, you're a pr*ck and a c*cks*cker and you definitely need Uncensor the Internet, a Firefox Greasemonkey add-on that strips them all out and lets you see the words the way the writer would like to have had the guts to write them in the first place.

Actually, that's perhaps not entirely fair, as explained in this interesting post on typographical bleeping, and a fascinating example of 15th century ROT-13. Perhaps covering up the linguistic piano-legs like that is a matter of politeness rather than prudery. Either way, I'm fucking fucked if I would ever use the cunts. Oops, I mean of course c*nts.

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UPDATE: Apparently it doesn't cover everything. pr*ck, c*cks*cker and bl**dy remain starred. I'm actually starting to prefer them that way. Think of each asterisk as a little anus, and imagine the faces of the people who use them, if they could see what you're seeing.